Digital Economy Bill

Part 5 of the Digital Economy Bill will fundamentally change the way our data will be shared with government, public authorities, councils, charities and with private businesses such as gas and electricity companies.

Data sharing is a fact of life, yet almost every day we hear how data we have shared has been stolen, breached, lost or hacked. Government departments are not immune, between 2014/15 they had almost 9,000 data breaches.

We are now digital citizens by default, understanding how our data is used and for what purpose is absolutely necessary. From May 2018 under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) anyone wanting to use our personal information and data will have to tell us why and ask for our informed consent. This regulation will apply to every business, organisation and individual except, it seems the UK Government, because if Part 5 of the Bill becomes law:

  •   We won’t have any control over any of the data we share with government.
  •   A Government minister will decide why our data is shared, when and how.
  •   Officials from a broad range of bodies will be able to share our personal information.
  •   They won’t ever have to ask our permission or tell us who it was shared with and why.

You name it, if they have it, you will no longer control it.

Part 5 of the Bill is currently being debated in the House of Lords – Report Stage will take place on the 20th March.

What we want to see changed

Whilst we believe that Part 5 of the Bill should be dropped, Government have other ideas. So in response, we have 12 changes we believe need to be made to ensure that our personal data is not subject to poor legislation.

What you can do

These are our top 12 asks but there is so much more to the Bill.  Have a read of our research, blogs and factsheets below for more information about the Bill and what will happen to your data.

If you want to see the Bill change we need you to help raise awareness.  You can share our factsheets with people, you can write to your local newspaper and you can get in touch with your MP.  Tell them about the 12 key changes, tell them what concerns you have about the Government’s plans for YOUR DATA.  Make your voice heard.

You can find out who your MP is and how to contact them here.

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