What we’ve been reading – March

Big Brother Watch Team / April 1, 2016

The past month we’ve been sharing some of our favourite, most thought provoking articles on Twitter, using the hashtag #WhatWeAreReadingToday.

If you missed any of them or fancied finding something to read, here are the articles we were reading this past fortnight:

21st March – 1st April:

Hacker reveals $40 attack that steals police drones from 2km away – The Register

Why we should fear a cashless world – The Guardian

Uber Will Pay $10,000 ‘Bug Bounties’ to Friendly Hackers – Wired

Burner phones, not encryption, kept Paris terrorists off the authorities’ radar – ArsTechnica

EU judges could limit UK surveillance powers before referendum – The Guardian

US says it would use “court system” again to defeat encryption – ArsTechnica

Reddit’s missing ‘warrant canary’ suggests classified data requests from feds – TechCrunch

Algorithms may save us from information overload, but are they the curators we want? – New Statesman

Facebook’s ‘ethnic affinity’ advertising sparks concerns of racial profiling – The Guardian

The FBI’s silence over its iPhone hack ‘puts everyone at risk’ – Wired (UK)

14th March – 18th March:

Only 12% of UK thinks Snoopers’ Charter is ‘adequately explained’ – The Register

Major sites including New York Times and BBC hit by ‘ransomware’ malvertising – Guardian

The FBI Warns That Car Hacking Is a Real Risk – Wired

Investigatory powers bill not fit for purpose, say 200 senior lawyers – Guardian

The RCMP Wants to Store Surveilled Photos of Strangers They Can’t Identify – Motherboard

1st March – 11th March:

How the police’s body-worn camera technology is changing the justice system – Independent

Biometrics Are Coming, Along With Serious Security Concerns – Wired

Government guardians usurp parents in Sturgeon’s spying state – CapX

Don’t snoop on staff via wearables, says Dutch privacy agency – The Register

Hacker Says He Can Hijack a $35K Police Drone a Mile Away – Wired

Is your phone’s wifi giving away where you walk? – Daily Mail

Eye in the sky is new weapon in US crimefighters’ armoury – The Times (£)

More and more Brits are using ad-blockers, says survey – The Register

Pentagon Launches the Feds’ First ‘Bug Bounty’ for Hackers – Wired

US defense chief tells Silicon Valley: ‘encryption is essential’ – Guardian

Amazon makes U-turn over Fire tablet encryption – BBC

Hack Brief: Last Year’s IRS Hack Was Way Worse Than We Realised – Wired

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