May 14th 2019

Forbes – Google creates new ‘privacy and safety’ engineering centre

Google is creating a new ‘global hub for privacy engineering’ centre in Munich, the ‘Google Safety Engineering Center’, which they say will ‘help users take back control of their data’. Director Silkie Carlo said: “It is clear that tech giants are finally responding to the public’s demand for privacy protections, but they too often deliver […]

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May 13th 2019

The Telegraph – San Francisco bans police facial recognition

San Francisco has become the first city in the US to ban police from using facial recognition completely. Our legal and policy officer, Griff Ferris, told The Telegraph that police’s use of live facial recognition was “fundamentally incompatible with human rights”. Director Silkie Carlo, told The Sun: “If police push ahead with facial recognition surveillance, […]

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May 7th 2019

BBC – HMRC forced to delete 5 million voice records following our investigation

Following our investigation into HMRC’s collection of voice biometrics from millions of unsuspecting UK taxpayers under their ‘Voice ID’ programme, we reported it to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a breach of data protection law. HMRC has now been told by the ICO to delete 5 million of these records which were obtained unlawfully, […]

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