Apr 9th 2018

BBC News Online – Durham Police using Experian Mosaic in AI systems

Big Brother Watch investigation reveals that Experian’s crude data sets, Mosaic, are used in Durham Police’s AI systems to predict crime. Director Silkie Carlo commented “[…] for police to feed these crude and offensive profiles through artificial intelligence to make decisions on freedom and justice in the UK is truly dystopian” Durham police criticised over […]

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Apr 8th 2018

The Daily Express (Main and Online) – ANPR cameras

The Daily Express reported on the rapid increae of Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras in the UK, quoting our Legal and Policy Officer Griff Ferris: “This vast surveillance network indiscriminately captures millions of photos of innocent UK citizens every day. “It is effectively a secretive national checkpoint system, collecting and storing information on people’s movements […]

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Apr 3rd 2018

Cambridge News – Body worn cameras in hospitals

Big Brother Watch was quoted questioning the necessity of body worn cameras in Cambridge University Hospital and the impact on vulnerable patients’ privacy. A spokesperson told Cambridge News: “Hospital patients are often extremely vulnerable and shouldn’t be filmed at such a sensitive time by private security guards with body worn cameras. “Is it really necessary […]

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