Dec 24th 2018

Daily Mail – Is your smart home device spying on you?

In addition to their supposed usefulness and capabilities in the home, smart home devices are also highly efficient surveillance systems, monitoring your daily habits on behalf of the tech company providers, friends and family, and even the police. These connected devices are increasingly being used to provide evidence to the police, as well as eavesdropping […]

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Dec 23rd 2018

Mail on Sunday – New police system is being used to ‘predict’ who is likely to commit crimes

UK police are investing millions in a new predictive system, the National Data Analytics System (NDAS), which will analyse vast quantities of data from  police databases, social services, and even the NHS and schools in order to predict who is likely to commit crimes, despite serious concerns over profiling, ‘the potential reversal of the presumption […]

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Dec 20th 2018

The Guardian – Police trawls of rape victims’ private data to be investigated

Following letters from us and victim support groups and campaign organisations, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced a high priority investigation into rape victims’ mobile phones and personal records being collected, analysed and disclosed by police and the Crown Prosecution Service Our legal and policy officer Griff Ferris was quoted: “We welcome the information commissioner’s […]

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