Jun 1st 2018

The Guardian – Smart Home Surveillance

Director Silkie Carlo commented on the outrageous extend of surveillance in UK homes by ‘smart’ devices. “The very notion of a smart home is one of ambient surveillance and constant recording, which will without doubt lead people to modify their behaviour over time. If this current direction is continued, we will become a society of […]

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May 26th 2018

The Independent – Supermarket surveillance

Big Brother Watch strongly criticised Sainsbury’s introduction of CCTV screens at its self-checkouts. Director Silkie Carlo said: “These new cameras are a blatant attempt to intimidate customers and make us feel more closely watched than ever.” Sainsbury’s customers voice concern over ‘creepy’ CCTV screens placed above self-service checkouts You can read another take on the […]

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May 25th 2018

Metro – TfL passenger tracking

The Metropolitan Police revealed an intrusive strategy to fight hate crime on public transport by tracking passengers via their Oyster and contactless cards. Director Silkie Carlo commented: “It is really quite chilling that an allegation of a loosely defined ‘hate crime’ could so easily lead to hundreds of passengers being investigated. It is not at […]

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