Jul 11th 2019

Big Brother Watch statement on NHS – Amazon partnership

Responding to news that the NHS has partnered with Amazon to encourage people to seek health advice from Amazon Echo devices, our director Silkie Carlo said: Encouraging the public to give their private health details to one of the most aggressive corporate data guzzlers is astonishingly misguided. Amazon’s Alexa records what people say, stores recordings […]

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Jul 6th 2019

The Guardian – Police and Crown Prosecution Service cancel meeting on rape victims’ phone data due to legal action

The police and the Crown Prosecution Service cancelled a meeting with victims and rights groups, including Big Brother Watch, to discuss urgent reform to their mobile phone extraction policy which applies to victims of crime and is used disproportionately against victims of rape and serious sexual offences. The police and Crown Prosecution Service blamed legal […]

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Jul 5th 2019

Sky News – Facial recognition in China ‘spot on’, say Metropolitan Police Federation

The chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, the staff association of the Metropolitan Police, said that China’s use of live facial recognition, which runs 24 hours a day in some locations and has been to track ethnic minorities and ‘political dissidents’ and put 1 million people in detention camps, is “fantastic”, “absolutely correct” and “spot […]

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Jul 4th 2019

Sky News & others – Damning independent report on Metropolitan Police facial recognition

An independent report commissioned by the Metropolitan Police about their use of live facial recognition surveillance found that their use had been without a legitimate legal basis, was incompatible with human rights and that it was “highly possible” that it would be found unlawful if challenged by a court. Director of Big Brother Watch, Silkie […]

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Jun 25th 2019

The Telegraph – Peterborough smart city trial residents are ‘being treated like lab rats’

Peterborough has allowed a broadband start-up, CityFibre, to install real-time ‘smart’ sensors in several locations around the city, transmitting real-time data to social housing landlord Cross Keys Homes. These sensors include noise sensors in vacant properties to detect “unauthorised activity”, parking sensors in front of emergency exits, to alert Cross Keys staff to “illegal parking”. A Big […]

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