Mar 12th 2019

Politico – UK looks the other way on AI

The current political situation is distracting Parliament from addressing the police’s use of authoritarian AI surveillance technology, live facial recognition, while Government has ignored anyone raising concern about its creeping use. Director Silkie Carlo said: “The [Home Office hasn’t] sought to consult parliament. They didn’t seek to consult human rights experts, wider civil society, NGOs, […]

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Mar 5th 2019

Phone numbers given to Facebook for security purposes can be used to search for profiles

“Facebook shouldn’t be using people’s personal security information for anything other than security. But in fact, they’ve used it in a way that undermines users’ security and exploited it for advertising,” Silkie Carlo, director of civil liberties group Big Brother Watch, told i.   “This poses a serious risk to dissidents and human rights campaigners […]

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Mar 1st 2019

Sky News – Predictive algorithms: Are they a helpful tool or an invasion of privacy?

Over 50 authorities are now using predictive algorithms across welfare, policing, and children’s data. Our director, Silkie Carlo, warned about the erosion of privacy and transparency, and the risk of discrimination. “If the functions of digital government become more invasive, opaque, cryptic and unchallenged – our ability to challenge decisions will become little more than […]

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Feb 26th 2019

The Telegraph – Is your airline secretly filming you? Carriers admit to cameras in seat-back screens

Three airlines – American, United and Singapore – have this week admitted that their inflight entertainment (IFE) screens have lenses embedded within them. Director of Big Brother Watch, Silkie Carlo, said: If airlines aren’t using the cameras, they shouldn’t be there. Passengers shouldn’t have to worry about whether secret cameras are on or off, whether […]

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