Mar 24th 2017

IT Pro – US Senate votes to allow ISPs to sell people’s data without their consent

As originally published in IT.Pro on 24/03/2017 US internet service providers (ISPs) may soon no longer need people’s explicit consent to sell or share their web browsing data or personal information with third parties. The US Senate voted 50-48 to roll back rules instituted last October by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that were designed […]

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Mar 19th 2017

Daily Mail – Take off for police drones air force: Remote-controlled ‘flying squad’ to chase criminals and hunt for missing people

As originally published in the Daily Mail on 19/03/2017 The first 24-hour police drone unit is to be launched, amid fears that forces may have to rely on them because of falling officer numbers. The ‘flying squad’ will pursue suspects, find missing people and help solve murders. Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry, national spokesman on […]

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Mar 14th 2017

The Register – New strategy to curb officials’ drone, phone and CCTV snoop jollies

As originally published on The Register on 14/03/17 A national surveillance camera strategy for England and Wales has today been published in an attempt to curb public authorities from excessive meatspace snooping. While the UK’s recent Investigatory Powers Act has established a regime for the various arms of the state to follow when snooping on […]

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